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July 26, 2018

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House of Yes

February 9, 2017



For a dance club that brings a lot of personality to the table to offer extraordinary nightlife experiences, a night out here will make your commute out of Manhattan worth the distance. Located in Bushwick, Brooklyn, this performance space and nightclub blends together a distinctive concoction of circus, hipster haven, dance party and burlesque show. With so many different facets that fascinate you on your visit, they’ve mastered the execution this fun formula to leave you with nothing less of a memorable night out of drinking, dancing and debauchery.


The Venue

Once you head inside, you’ll have the option to enjoy yourself by the bar towards the back where you can relax over a drink, or head right into the heart of the party to the performance area where you can revel in the night’s entertainment. The stage has sweeping red curtains that are reminiscent of an old-time Broadway show. To the right is a stunning bar surrounded by metal geometric structures, giving it an abstract appearance. The bathroom stalls are impressively done, so take a few minutes of your private business to admire the bedazzled walls of pearls and colorful stones, or one dedicated to DC Comic character Doctor Light.


The outdoor area has faux greenery along one side of the wall and upcycled whimsical windows hung all along the other side. For those chilly nights, you can also relax outside by their heat lamps or in their hot tub, should you dare to take it off and take a dip to warm yourself up.


A Different Night, A Different Party

The most attractive feature about House of Yes is that their parties are planned to be exceptionally atypical from what you expect and grandiose in hypnotizing you through the night with their performances. One party might ask of you to don a wacky wig of your liking with a competition of who’s got the best look, while another night sets a tropical jungle ambiance with exotic aerialists and fruit offerings to their guests. Even making something so simple as bingo seem so fabulously fun when infused with confetti and dancing. Many of their nights include mesmerizing aerialists, go-go dancers on the stage or cages and more. The “more” can range from drag queens to jaw-dropping trapeze artists to fire dancers, all here to entertain you as you dance to the eclectic options of music, which can range from house to EDM to 80’s pop songs. The sensory overload makes their parties much more unique than many other New York clubs out there that simply throw on a DJ as the solo act for the night.







Other Happenings

If you want to come for an alternative type of partying, you can come here for their deep house yoga on Saturdays, where you can finish off by satiating your hunger at their brunch on-site. Much of their menu items have Middle-Eastern inspired flavors, which you can enjoy dining in their outdoor patio area. If you’re not into yoga and you have half of a brain (or simply just a yearning for good original entertainment), you can even sit tight for their Blunderland Variety Shows or their interactive and immersive shows, such as Foreplay, which will give you an enjoyable night in surprising and thrilling ways without hitting a dance floor.


Preparing for a Night at House of Yes

With so many different things to do at House of Yes, check out their website for all of their latest events and to get tickets for the one that piques your interest. There isn’t quite a dress code at the House of Yes, as just like the neighborhood of Bushwick where it resides, it’s a surprisingly lax venue for the amount of fun you get in return. However, maximize your experience and come dressed up according to the theme of your event. If it’s a 80’s party theme, slap on some leg warmers and leggings and a headband, or if it’s a disco night, come in your flairs and glittery shirt.




Check out some of the behind the scenes as to the creation of 'House of Yes'



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