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Labor Day Weekend in NYC

July 26, 2018

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Upcoming Music Festivals in New York

January 31, 2017


EPIC music festivals in New York in 2017 that can't be missed! 


It’s a New Year, and that means new parties!  There are three music festivals in New York that will provide unforgettable, magical experiences like no other!

It’s time to get excited for Electric Zoo, Governor’s Ball Music Festival, and Mysteryland! 


We’ll be following Steve (a fictional character) as he experiences the three 2017 music festivals.


First up….Electric Zoo!




          Electric Zoo is an electronic music festival held on Randall’s Island on Labor Day weekend: September 1, 2, and 3 in 2017.  Steve bought tickets after hearing the rave reviews from his raver friends. He had a blast and loved the bright, beautiful light shows, animal-themed stages, and the PLUR atmosphere. The streaking fireworks at night were so enchanting they almost made him cry. When he got there, he hung out with tigers, unicorns and gorillas and people with bracelets for arms. Hot girls in furry boots were everywhere.

            The lineup was sick and featured artists from all styles of electronic music. He saw his favorite artists like KSHMR, Headhunterz, Bassnectar, Datsik, Cookie Monsta, Steve Aoki, and Borgore, which would normally be headlining acts for concerts of their own. You can see the full lineup here: http://electriczoofestival.com/lineup/ He explored all the stages and heard new sounds at each one. Steve was so amped up after the festival, he didn’t sleep that night or eat the next day.

            Electric Zoo is an 18+ event. The music festival happens rain or shine, unless the weather becomes dangerous, so check the weather, and prepare. The first two days were beautiful, but Steve didn’t bring sunblock and turned into a lobster. It rained on the last day and Steve got soaked. Don’t be like Steve. To get to Randall’s Island, you must take public transportation, walk, or ride a ferry, which costs $30 but is the most convenient way to get there. If you want parking near the island, here’s a place to make a reservation. https://www.parkingpanda.com/randalls-island-parking They use an electronic wristband system to pay for everything, called EZ bucks. $9 = 20 EZ bucks. All Steve had to do was hold out his hand to pay for beer. Free high-pressure refill stations kept him hydrated all weekend.

          There are some things to watch out for at Electric Zoo. Due to 2 people dying from overdoses on MDMA a few years ago, security is tight. Guards may pat you down in uncomfortable ways when you enter and they use drug-sniffing dogs. Steve got strip-searched; good thing he was smart and didn’t bring drugs. The phone signal was bad at times, but Steve had times and places to meet back up with his friends when they went to different stages.


Next, the magnificent Governor’s Ball Music Festival

            Governor’s Ball Music Festival takes place June 2nd to June 4th, 2017, on Randall’s Island. (So, all the same advice on how to get to Electric Zoo applies.)  The festival is open to people of all ages and kids under 5 get in free (although we are not sure we suggest this being the most kid's friendly activity...!)

           Steve ate like an emperor at Governor’s Ball.  As their website says, “We select restaurants, food trucks, and menus that prove why NYC is the foodie capital of the world.” He ate food from places like Ramen Burger, Asia Dogs, Taquitoria and Hebros Kitchen. It all tasted so good that Steve wished he had four stomachs like a cow.

Steve did several badass activities like mini-golf, life-sized board games and silent discos all taking place on Randall’s Island Park beautiful grassy fields. Steve got a hole-in-one, and took off his headphones at the silent disco and realized how weird they look. There’s interesting urban art from local artists, he saw paintings and art pieces everywhere you go, like a Statue of Liberty head wearing sunglasses. They have several interactive photo booths than can make GIFs and Steve took dozens of amazing pictures at Randall’s Park.

            During the shows, thousands of people going crazy surrounded Steve. The people party hard at the Governor’s Ball. There are over 60 artists from all genres playing, so there’s something for all music fans. Governor’s Ball Music Festival features an epic lineup with national and international acts like Wiz Khalifa, Cage the Elephant, Warpaint, Lorde, Wu-Tang Clan, and Chance the Rapper. Steve was a part of a powerful energy and his spirit soared. Check out the full lineup here:  https://www.governorsballmusicfestival.com/lineup/

            Steve chilled out in shaded areas to get a break from the searing sun. Free water stations were scattered all around the park; there was always be one close by and Steve saved a lot of money by not having to buy water bottles. Steve partied on the Bacardi boat with free food and mixed drinks. Waiting in long lines fills Steve with rage; thankfully the lines at Governor’s Ball move a lot quicker than at other music festivals. Steve had an unforgettable experience at Governor’s Ball Music Festival!






Last, but not least, Mysteryland

            Mysteryland is an electronic music festival that originated in the Netherlands and comes to the US every year. It takes place June 9-12, 2017, and you can buy tickets fromt heir website. It’s held on Bethel Woods, the historic site of the Woodstock concert. Steve was awed when he visited the Woodstock museum and flew over the gorgeous landscape in one of the hot-air balloons at the festival.


           Steve spent hours in the healing garden doing yoga, Buddhist meditation and other peaceful activities. It was a spiritual experience do these things with others in such a beautiful setting. He watched the synchronized flags flap in perfect unison. Steve used the convenient electronic wristband money called Birdie Bucks ($10 = 9 Birdie Bucks) at the many brightly-colored vendor tents. Mysteryland is 21+ only and Steve appreciated not having to deal with underage people getting sloppy drunk. This music festival is from Europe and it’s unique in special ways that Steve loved.

           The stages are beautiful, massively tall facades that go far out to the sides of the stage. Steve’s favorite was a castle with a clock tower in the center. The lineup has yet to be announced, but Mysteryland is heavy on the house music, which as everyone knows, is the best music for dancing. It’s less crowded than other festivals, so Steve never felt like a squished fish. There’s room to dance, even at the front of the stage! The music is amazing, the sound quality is superb, and there are good vibes at every Mysteryland.

           Steve bought “Nomad” tickets and camped out for the whole music festival. At every Mysteryland there’s a sea of tents. If you go camping, you need to be completely ready for the weather. Steve brought waterproof boots, extra blankets and sweaters and shook his head in disapproval at others who shivered in misery at night. The people were chill and easy to get along with and Steve was making new friends every day. There are showers and they cost 2.5 Birdie Bucks.

           Steve was blown away by the Smorgasburg food market, which offered foods like slow-cooked meats, fresh-cut fries, and gourmet baked goods. They also offer vegan and gluten-free options, unlike many other music festivals. The food at Mysteryland was the best of any music festival Steve had ever been to and he gained a new appreciation for the food of the Netherlands and other countries.

           The VIP wristbands here gave a lot of cool benefits. Steve invested in one and got access to better showers, free food, access to special VIP areas that offer great views of the stage, and he got to do meet and greets with the artists. He talked to and hung out with the musical heroes he had only dreamed of meeting and got lots of autographs and pictures with the stars. Steve indulged himself at the full bar, used air-conditioned bathrooms, and relaxed in VIP areas with plush furniture, hammocks and swinging chairs. Mysteryland is amazing; don’t miss out!






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