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Labor Day Weekend in NYC

July 26, 2018

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New York's Secret Nightlife

October 1, 2016

Whether you’re a native to the concrete jungle or visiting the city that never sleeps, New York City understands that the competition to impress you is as fierce as the Walmart shoppers at a Black Friday shopping spree. A club or lounge with a dance floor is really nothing to brag about.  To really add a special of an amazing night, here’s a list of places to visit that will impress you with more than just a dance floor.


Le Poisson Rouge

Back To The Future

For a bit of a flashback to some of the best times of our younger years, Le Poisson Rouge throws a 90’s party on Fridays and an 80’s party on Saturdays. Their “I Love The 90’s” party has live performances by The Fresh Kids of Bel Aire. We know you’re dying to wear those bombastic palm tree-patterned parachute pants and fluorescent pink windbreaker jacket that you’ve seen on Saved By The Bell. Their “Back To The 80’s” show has live performances by Jessie’s Girl, where you can show up in even bigger hammer pants or throw on some leggings, legwarmers and a sweatband to rock out to Billie Jean and Come On Eileen. If you’re going to dance all night in a time travel experience, Le Poisson Rouge will make sure you do it right.



The Boozy Brunch Bash

If you’re up for the challenge of going 24 hours of dancing from club to club, or you’re getting to that awkward age where you want to dance, but midnight is getting painful, then a brunch at Bagatelle is in order. This ambiance is a classic French bistro setting, adorned with glass chandeliers, quaint café tables and a touch of eclectic art. However, don’t let the chic decor mislead you to think that the brunch ends with their amazing French fare, one or two mimosas and a cheek kiss goodbye to your friends. Come 2PM and the lights dim to commence an afternoon of glitter, house music and dancing. If you order a magnum of champagne, be ready to receive an amazing display by your servers just for you. And if you ordered a magnum, you deserve to dance on your chair, which is also welcomed at Bagatelle. And why shouldn’t you? You work hard to pay rent for a shoebox-sized studio, and for that, you deserve to to dance on top of your chair at four in the afternoon.




The Heath

Dance Like It’s A Night At The Gatsby’s

Slap on your suspenders or get into your cutest flappers and boa for a fabulous night in town at the British speakeasy joint, The Heath. Upon entering the McKittrick Hotel, you will be escorted up the elevator by a bellhop, which wears befitting attire for the time traveling night you are about to experience. When you head to the bar, your cocktails will be served by cavalier fellows, often times with an impressive moustache or muttonchops to boot. You’re welcome to take a seat in their train cars built right into the walls that have booths for small parties. Throughout the entire place, there are people that are in character of the 1920’s speakeasy ambiance. Feel free to jive in character back to them. On Fridays and Saturdays, their house band, called The Heathens, takes the stage and plays an energetic set. Shortly after, a DJ hits the stage and plays an amazing list of music from the 1960’s to 1990’s, as well as today’s top 40 hits. At this time of night, you’re either dancing nonstop or you're backing up to break out into a dance circle.


 House of Yes

Live Life Like A Circus

In the depths of Brooklyn lies a space where sultry circus performers blend with dancing and debauchery. Blue, purple and pink haired aerialists? Check. Gold glittered Egyptian-themed wall climbers and dancers? Check. Sexy fire performers? Check. If it’s got a sexy spunk to it, chances are, it’s been at the House of Yes. Essentially you get to party your heart out and relive the mystical acts of a circus, but for adults. All of this with some disco balls, an epic DJ set, and more. Their venue space houses many types of events and their parties usually have a range of themes that they go wild with the works. There’s the Hollywood nights, which include a red carpet affair where you should come as your favorite celebrity to dance the night in fame in front of their paparazzi. Or you can come to a Disco themed birthday bash that involves a hot tub, disco clowns, jumpsuits of your favorite cake flavor and more. If you’ve ever wanted to come home wondering how you lost one of your shoes and how you became covered in glitter, this is where a night like that begins.




 La Bain

Rooftop River Views In A Backyard Hot Tub

Backyards are such a hot commodity for New Yorkers, and having a pool is essentially like saying you have a unicorn. Fear not, this European-themed discotheque offers you all that and more. Bring along your bathing suit because their Astroturf-covered rooftop offers a moment of relaxation on their waterbeds, along with bites available from their crêperie and an amazing panoramic view of the Hudson River. Or if you want to get cozy, head over to their two rooftop hot tubs. As for the party, no need to change out of the bikini or trunks, there’s a pool right on the dance floor downstairs. If you aren’t dressed to dance and dip in the pool, you can sit along the poolside bench with your feet in and still get served your drinks. The staff is fun, where they aren’t afraid to get you a little wet with a friendly water gun shot or join you right on the dance floor while dishing up some great drinks. Their dancefloor will keep you busy while you dance through a night of electronica with all the beautiful people here (who were beautiful before the heavy handed drinks began).

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